Pet Rescue Saga Levels 61-120



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  1. Penny Schultz

    I cannot see the pets. Ican only see thier feet. Is there an updaate or something??? Makes it difficult to know where they are especially when they are in bird cages

    thank you for the help

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      Hello Penny! Actually this is a problem many recsuers report.. do you play on mobiles? We think that this is a mobile-based issue! Please report it to King: and continue playing on PC till it’s fixed!

  2. Sarah Nye

    Sarah Nye · Millsboro, Delaware
    On my game of Pets rescue #96, I only have 12 birds in cages, on the walk thru, it has a bird at the top out of the cage, can any one tell me why there is NO bird on the top of my cages???

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      I think you also sent a comment on FB.. will check it and come back asap.. thanks for reporting that!!

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