Pet Rescue Saga Level 113

Save 1 pet in 50 moves
Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 113 Tips

Beating pet rescue level 113 is a bit matter of luck. That’s why it’s possible to play the level without having the least number of line blasters that needed to destroy the metal boxes under the pet. But if you are lucky and line blasters fall above the screen follow our strategy: Destroy the two metal boxes between the wooden cages first. Then with one line blaster destroy the metal box in the last line of the screen. Then the wooden cages will reach the bottom of the screen and will be destroyed. Now you need one more line blaster to the last line of the screen in order to destroy and the last meta box.

Pet rescue Level 113 Walkthrough Video

In pet rescue level 113 you have to save 1 pet in 50 moves. Do you think it’s easy? If you face any problems watch our walkthrough video beat it.

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