Pet Rescue Saga Level 114

Save 2 pets in 12 moves
Get 5.500 points

Pet Rescue Level 114 Tips – UPDATED

114 is among the evillest levels of the game. Things get much easier if you have a key booster or a rocket booster to use. Otherwise you have to “drive” the key to the bottom of the screen. To do it start clearing the blocks under it, leaving the infected blocks expand. Use the line blasters to create a cluster of infected blocks under the key and clear it. As soon as you ‘ve done it, the level should be considered completed, because using the key means that you’ve rescued both pets.

Don’t forget to share your tips/experience/tactic in order to help other Rescuers beat the level!

Pet Rescue Level 114 Walkhtrough Video

The level is pretty tough but if you follow the strategy shown below you can definitely beat the level!

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4 Responses to “Pet Rescue Saga Level 114”
  1. Eldred

    Update? this level STILL sucks! I’m DONE with this crap…

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      but we’ve updated tips a few days ago!

  2. jacquie

    never going to get out of this one i agree with robin at least on most of the other saga games you get some help farm heros is one that you get help with but this one never going to pass it wont play for much longer not even a rocket

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      just updated tips! Please check!

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