Pet Rescue Saga Level 22

Save 7 Pets
Get 17.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 22 Tips

Pet rescue level 22 is a large level and you have to be patient to complete it. In the screen there are 9 pets and in order to pass the level you have to rescue 7 of them. That means that you have to chance to beat it, even if you lose 2 pets. Use the the balloon in the middle of the screen as your first move. Then keep clearing the blocks under the pets, using the rocket booster (that gets activated) when needed, in order to move on the screen. Just an advice: Keep a rocket for the last phase of the level, when you are able to see the bottom of the screen, because it’s probable that you’ll need it there.

Pet Rescue Level 22 Walkthrough Video

Here you can find a walkthrough video for Pet Rescue Saga Level 22

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