Pet Rescue Saga Level 224

Save 8 pets in 28 moves
Get 50.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 224 Walkthrough Video

You have only 28 moves to rescue the pets. So create and clear large clusters of same colored blocks in the upper part of the screen, gain rocket boosters and use them immediately to rescue the pets. You must use the first three rocket boosters in the right column. Then use each rocket booster to clear the blocks between the cages of pets. Don’t release the pets from their cages till all the blocks between them have been cleared. After that use one more rocket to clear the left column of the screen. The pet there will be rescued and then the other 7 pets will follow.
Don’t spend your moves aimlessly. They are really few.

Notice: It seems to be a glitch on #224.. we noticed that no matter how large cluster is cleared on the first attempt/move the progression meter does not move! So we recommend that you don’t clear a big cluster on the 1st attempt/move for a new rocket. We need to notice that this glitch doesn’t appear on the first rocket!

Notice: Feel comfortable to share your experience, so that other pet Rescuers will be helped to beat it!

Pet Rescue Level 224 Walkthrough Video

In order to complete pet rescue level 224 you must follow a specific strategy, shown in the following video!

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4 Responses to “Pet Rescue Saga Level 224”
  1. Tina Maginnis

    I have the same issue, only on this level, it’s most frustrating

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      plz tell me which device are you playing on?

      • ann lavine

        I keep getting small clusters. Do I have to waste a move ( s0 to get a large one? Than at the end when I have a rocket and I have one move left the game ends. This is not fun anymore. help

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      Our Guru confirmed your report! We suggest that you shouldn’t clear a large cluster on the first move/attempt ! Keep large clusters for the next move!

      Notice that the issue doesn’t appear on the first rocket!

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