Pet Rescue Saga Level 267

Save 5 pets in 55 moves
Get 16.000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 267 Strategy

Blow the balloon as your first move. Then “drive” the line blasters with countdown, that fall above the screen, to be in the right line at the right moment in order to destroy the boxes (solid grey blocks) under the pets. Your second (but simultaneous) object should be to “drive” the pets one line before the end of screen in 40 moves, in order to get rescued when the line blaster in the last line of it will be activated. To do it smash the wires of the blocks under the pets, while clearing the blocks of the screen.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 267 Walkthrough Video

You can find our suggestion to pass pet rescue level 267 in the following vid.

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  1. joann joe

    pls help me with level 2167 it is taken me long enough to get through it I want to go on to next levels but enough is enough pls

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