Pet Rescue Saga Level 303

petrescuelevel303 Target:
Save 5 pets
Get 24.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 303 Strategy

Don’t release the pets for the pet boxes immediatelly. Focus on clearing the blocks under the pets, because there is danger of loosing a pet in the early stages of the level, staying out of moves.
Your object should be to destroy the double fortified wooden cages before reach the end of the level, either they have a pet captured in them or not. Do it with the rocket, the line blasters and the bombs of the level. At the bottom of it you have to use cleverly and with the right order the line blaster and the bombs to rescue all the demanded pets.

Pet Rescue Level 303 Walkhtrough Video

Make things easier by watching our video and understanding our strategy.

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Pet Rescue Saga Level 304
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