Pet Rescue Saga Level 313

Save 5 pets
Get 8.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 313 Tips

In pet rescue level 313 the machine that fortifies the blocks next to it with wire is introduced in the game. You have to destroy it in order to rescue the pet above it, either with a bomb, or a rocket when it is not protected with wire. To do it clear a block next to it before using the bomb or the rocket. Generally speaking, pet rescue 313 is not so difficult to be completed.

Pet Rescue Level 313 Walkthrough Video

Is it difficult for you to beat pet rescue level 313? The following vid will show you the victorious strategy.

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2 Responses to “Pet Rescue Saga Level 313”
  1. Elanit Yosef

    My husband and I finished level 312 n gate will not open

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      which device are you playing on?

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