Pet Rescue Saga Level 371

Save 5 pets
Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 371 Strategy

Start clearing blocks where possible. When you’ll stay out of moves use the balloon at the left corner. As the screen moves on and you clear out the blocks, you have to take care one thing: To keep between the 4th pet box and the windmill under it at least one block. With this windmill block (joker) you have to release the pet, just from pet box in the middle of the screen (if you release the pet in the middle and the 4th pet with the joker block there is no case to pass the level without using a booster). After that you have to clear out all the blocks of the level and bring the pet boxes side by side to release the pets and rescue them.

Pet Rescue Level 371 Walkthrough Video

If you can’t pass pet rescue level 371 don’t give up. Watch the following video to understand what is the right strategy.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 372
Pet Rescue Saga Level 370



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