Pet Rescue Saga Level 374

Save 4 pets
Get 8.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 374 Tips

Clear the blocks of the level where possible having two things in mind: 1. To smash the glash and activate the key and 2. Release the pets from their pet boxes. There are many ways to achieve your goal either using the rockets, or the bomb of the level. Whatever you do we think there is no problem in completing pet rescue 374.

Pet Rescue Level 374 Walkthrough Video

Stuck on pet rescue level 374? Watch the following walkthrough video in order to complete it, without using any booster or hammer.

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19 Responses to “Pet Rescue Saga Level 374”
  1. Liv

    I have the same problem, is impossible to get 20,000 points for the level 374 … any answer from King?

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      not something really helpful till now :/

    • Jes

      Same problem. Impossible to get 20,000 points. Been on quest for almost a month. Time to give the game up I guess.

  2. Audra

    I, too, have had a problem with level 374 on the mystery quest after level 387. I have reported this issue to King. I hope they do something about it or I’m done. I’m not going to play through facebook or buy boosters.

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      hopefully they will make it much easier.. this is a common policy for them once they receive many complaints!

  3. malinda

    Mystery quest..374. The king needs to push me thru…sad here

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      please report your complaint right here:

      • malinda

        I don’t want to f/b thru……..please help …reply for tips. This is the longest I’ve spent on a level

        • Pet Rescue Guru

          we are playing the game on PC :/ so it’s tough to get you tips for a mystery quest – while on pc we advance by asking 3 friends to help us :/

  4. Sue

    Yeah there is no problem passing it normally, but when playing it again as the second mystery quest after level 387 it is extremely hard to get enough points! Took me longer than any other level played so far.

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      there is alwasy the option of playing via facebook and ask 3 pet rescue friends to help in order to avoid mystery quests!

    • lois

      how did you get enough points to pass on? ive tried so many times, i rescue the pets, but each time i dont get enough points

      • Pet Rescue Guru

        did you try to apply our tips? no luck at all?

        • malinda

          What tips….how or where do you get them

      • Sherry

        Yes … How DID you get enough points? I contacted King and told them of our problem/gripe. No response. I don’t want to play via Facebook. Is that the ONLY choice we have? I’m about ready to give this game up. 🙁

        • Kelli

          I agree, did you find a way, to get 20,000 points Or maybe good time to quit playing

          • Pet Rescue Guru

            we’ve contacted King to ask for tips while it looks quite tricky but no answer till now!

  5. fatima correia

    o nivel 374 esta com erro pede 20 000 pontos e é de 8 000 pontos e nas missoes esta com o mesmo erro e nao deixa passar de nivel

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