Pet Rescue Saga Level 380

petrescuelevel380 Target:
Save 8 pets in 50 moves
Get 8.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 380 Tips

Pet rescue #380 is not a difficul level if you follow a specific strategy. You have to make the more pets come down from the 6th column, in order when you’ll clear the blocks under them (either with bombs, or line blasters) to pass the ledge and been rescued. If pets come down from a column beyond the 6th, you’ll have to smash all the wires from the 6th column with line blasters and then use the rocket booster in it, in order to clear all the blocks there and all the columns beyond it to move on column left. Not an easy task to complete in 50 moves. So keep our first advice.

Pet Rescue Level 380 Walkthrough Video

A really helpful video for pet rescue level 380, showing the right strategy without any boosters or hammers.

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