Pet Rescue Saga Level 391

Save 2 pets
Get 12.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 391 Tips

Pet rescue level 391 is quite tricky. You have to release the first key without using the paint brush boosters of the level but if you need help use the balloons. After that, you have to clear out all the blocks of the screen and bring the two same colored cages side by side. In this phase is that you can use the paint brush boosters to get helped. Then release the pets and the key as well. After that use the half line blasters to destroy the wooden cages that pets are captured. Then to rescue the pets is an easy task.

Pet Rescue Level 391 Walkthrough Video

Can’t Beat Level 391? No need to worry! Just watch carefully the video below and try to elaborate our strategy:

Pet Rescue Saga Level 392
Pet Rescue Saga Level 390



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    Comment obtenir des lingots dans farm heroes saga 2014

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      please speak english!

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