Pet Rescue Saga Level 43

Save 4 pets in 30 moves
Get 16.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 43 Tips

The only way to beat pet rescue level 43 without buying or using any booster is to clear large clusters of same colored blocks, so as to earn as fast as possible rocket boosters to clear the boxes that prevent pets’ rescuing. Please notice that you have only 30 moves to do it.

Hellen Baker’s Tips on Pet Rescue Level 43

Another straightforward level, there is no ‘trick’ to this one! Just charge the rocket as quickly as possible to bring home the cuties, Use the balloons and as many 2x blocks as possible to increase your score.

Pet Rescue Level 43 Walkhtrough Video

If still stuck on #43 we suggest that you check out our walkthrough video on how to pass the level with no boosters!

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4 Responses to “Pet Rescue Saga Level 43”
  1. BJ Long

    Why cannot I move to level 43. I completed level 42

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      it’s because you need 3 friends to help you in order to advance to 43! To find more pet rescue friends drop an “Add me” msg right here:

    • AngelBaby

      Log out of Facebook and then you can complete 3 mystery quests

      • Pet Rescue Guru

        that’s a good idea 🙂 Thanks for posting!

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