Pet Rescue Saga Level 457

Clear 100% of the blocks
Get 15.000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 457 Tips

Your target should be to activate two bombs bringing side by side the one bomb surrounded by fire with one (out of two) bomb surrounded by ice. This is not so easy task, so use the hammer booster (that gets activated in the level) to get helped. Besides don’t leave blocks at the left of the screen. Use the paint brush boosters there to clear them all. With the two bombs you’ll activate you have to destroy all the blocks to the bottom of the screen.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 457 Walkthrough Video

Watch our walkthrough vid and beat 457 in the very next try!

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  1. germo

    Yes, you were right, I watched the video and did it in the very next try. Thanks.

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      Great news indeed! Keep Rescuing Germo !!!

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