Pet Rescue Saga Level 59


Clear 85% of the blocks
Get 22.100 points

Pet Rescue Level 59 Tips

We have to admit luck plays a major role in whether you will beat level 59 or not! A good board can make things simple and easy! But you should always have in mind that even if you have the easiest board, a decent strategy is necessary in order to beat a tough level.

As for the specific level you should release the key as soon as possible, because the locked boxes count as blocks, so if you release them you increase the possibilities of passing the level. Besides rearranging the blocks is a good idea, as the locked blocks are cleared and new moves appear. Don’t use the rocket booster you’ll earn in this level before no more moves are available. You’d rather use it in the column that it has the most blocks. Points are not difficult to be collected, because ¬†of the diamonds (introduced on this level). When a diamond reaches at the end of the screen you gain 1.000 points.

Pet Rescue Level 59 Walkthrough Video

The video below will also help you beat #59 so cast a glance on it!

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