New Pet Rescue Episode Launched: Levels 403-417

Party Pavillion

GREAT NEWS, Rescuers! About time for a new Episode named Party Pavillion.. it was announced on the official Page for Pet Rescue, almost 10 hrs ago!  The message appeared in their timeline was:

It’s a wondeful day to have a tea party; don’t you think?

Play now –> — 

pet rescue levels 403-417
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NEW EPISODE – Pet Rescue Levels 403-417

We are working hard to create support posts with videos/tips for each of the new levels! We’ve just published all of them.. so click the links below to get our tips on each of the new levels.. and don’t forget to share your tips on each level by sending a simple comment!

Pet Rescue Level 403-417 Tips

Toughest 5 for December 16-22
Toughest 5 for December 9-15



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