Toughest 5 for February 17-23

Hello Dear Friends

It was another amazing week with a new episode launched (for all of you that can’t wait for the level 478 we need to make it clear that it won’t come before next Thursday)! And this was a new episode with many tough levels! Some of the new levels were proved very hard, which, if you ask me, is good because the tougher a level is the highest satisfaction you feel upon completion!

As for the Previous week’s Toughest 5? No important changes took place! The only difference comparing to the previous week’s Toughest 5 was the return of Level 92! Level 92 is the fifth hardest level of the whole Pet Rescue Universe while #206 is for one more week in no1! Let’s have a look at our Toughest 5 for February 17-23 along with fresh tips/discussion on the Toughest levels:

Toughest 5 for February 24 - March 2
New Pet Rescue Episode Launched: Levels 463-477



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