Toughest 5 for February 24 – March 2

Hello Rescuers!

Hope you are all great! New week, new adventures and a new update is (probably) coming on Thursday so we are so much impatient for that! So for all of you that ask (and you are hundreds) when Level 478 will be available the answer is.. Thursday! For those of you that are playing on Android the latest available level is 448 while for iOS players the latest level is 433!

Another important issue seems to appear after the latest update! Rescuers complain that they can’t see pets, or that only their feet appear etc. We guess this is an issue with the latest updates for Mobiles cause we check again and again on PC and everything seems to be normal.. please contact King in order to report the issue.. hopefully they will fix it asap:

And a few words for the Previous Week’s Toughest 5! Once more the Toughest 5 was almost identical to the previous! There was only 1 new entrance (level 96) while for one more week Level 206 is the Toughest Level of the whole Pet Rescue Universe! So let’s have a look at the Toughest 5 along with fresh tips for the new levels!

New Pet Rescue Episode Launched: Levels 478-492
Toughest 5 for February 17-23



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