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Our PetRescueGuru.com Team includes some really passionate Pet Rescuers that realised early how tricky and complex Pet Rescue Saga is and would like to support other people! This is why we created walkthrough videos along with tips for almost every Pet Rescue Level. Our team tries to answer as more questions as possible but this is quite difficult, because new issues appear every hour.

Our Team

  • Samantha Marshall – Tips Guru
  • Bruce Stein – Tips Guru
  • Hellen Baker – Tips Guru
  • George Kakaris – Webmaster
  • Pantelis Dimitrakopoulos  – Video Creator

The need of support always grows, so we are always open to new members! To be a member of PetRescueGuru team you just need to like Pet Rescue Saga and be willing to help frustrated Pet Rescuers. If you want to support our community, answer questions, give advice and tips, just use the following contact form:

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Update 12/10/2014:

Our site is managed by the team at Todays Growth Consultant. You can review Todays Growth Consultant at the following sites:

Today’s Growth Consultant Philanthropic Site.
Todays Growth Consultant on Linkedin.
Todays Growth Consultant Partner Network Site

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