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findfriends1 From the moment of its launch, Pet Rescue Saga has managed to become one of the trendiest and most challenging games on Facebook, attracting a rapidly increasing number of players every day. However, as its levels get progressively tougher, a good friend’s help is always welcome!

Unfortunately, finding authentic friends is a kind of tricky nowadays, let alone in the vast Facebook community! And that’s why we have created this page for you, to show you the way to get in touch with true buddies that can help you in the hour of need. So, here are a few facts:

First and foremost, how does this friend assistance work? Well, it’s easier than you may think: You simply have to log on with your Facebook account and click on the “Add Comment” field which is located on top of the comments list. There you are! You can now leave a message that invites new pet rescue saga friends to join you in your quest! By doing so, users with… similar anxieties will be happy to click on your username, check out on your profile and ultimately drop you a friend request, so as to face the issues that may emerge in the game united! This assistance, in fact, mainly includes getting – and offering! – bonus lives when needed as well as finding useful info and guidance by more experienced or luckier gamers, sharing your concerns with other Candy Crushers and many more.

A valuable piece of information: When you send “Add Me” messages, remember that they don’t remain there for ever. Actually, every first day of the month, they are deleted to impede the list from being packed by half-hearted pet rescue gamers! Hence, do not skip renewing your “Add Me” messages once in a month.

A final fact that you should not disregard: Avoid sending friend requests to gamers you are not familiar with in real life, as this is contrary to Facebook’s policy.

So, if you really need to maximize the number of your Pet Rescue Saga friends so as to be able to pick new lives, unlock new episodes, or unleash some of your suspense, you now know the way! Nevertheless, bear in mind that, if you are not so serious about accepting friend requests, it’s better to keep clear of leaving comments in the first place!


  1. Hi, i am at level 102 and not able cross the path to level 103. I have tried above option for mystery quest but didn’t find that. Can anyone help me please?

    1. Please consider the option of playing on PC and asking 3 friends to help you pass to the next episode

      1. Thanks. I got it after updating the game. But now i am having the same problem with level 117. There is not any mystery quest so how do i unlock it? Can anyone please help me out?

  2. Need help to get to level 103. Can not get mystery quest yo come up. I have in the past but not any more.not connected to face book. Pam

    1. Any other to report the same?? The first thing you need to do is contact King and report that:

  3. I’m playing this game on mobile,there’s mystery quest to unlock 178 level. I’ve solve the first puzzle but there is almost 24 hr.gape for second puzzle?what to do? Please help me.

  4. Need new lives try this:
    have the game up, look at the timer, click out and go to settings, clock settings, change from auto to manual. set clock ahead a few days, go back to game, timer should show FULL, DO NOT PLAY YET! go back to clock settings and change back to auto set and make sure clock changes back to todays date and time. go bavk to game, presto, 5 new lives

    1. Omg! I need help too!I’m going to try and friend request ya OK?if it don’t work my name is Amy Kelly I’m from Miami,ok

    1. There is also a third option: Mystery quests!


      You must be playing on a phone or tablet – if you’re playing on Facebook directly, Mystery Quests are never an option.
      You must update the game – in the Android version, Mystery Quests are new to the game as of Halloween Update 2013. I imagine the iOS version was also updated around the same time.
      You must not be logged into Facebook within the game. This doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not you’re logged into Facebook on your phone or on your PC!

      1. I’ve clicked the triangle at Level 42 too many times to count and can’t get friends to help me. Why do we have to have these ridiculous roadblocks anyway? Why can’t we just play without having to get friends involved. Pet Rescue Saga isn’t the only one to do this and it makes it soooooo not fun to play the game. I like to play by myself so I can test my skill and strategy and not have to involve friends. Most of my friends don’t even have Facebook pages so how am I going to be able to advance in any of these games?

        1. it seems there is an issue.. many rescuers report that.. hopefully they will fix it asap.. King follows this friend-support policy to make their games much more popular!

  5. someone please help me, I am playing pet rescue saga and have made it to level 43 and I need assistance to cross over the bridge. I have been stuck on this level for some time now and it is now frustrating b/c all I can do is play all the other levels that I have already completed which is no fun at all….. THIS IS A CRY OUT FOR HELP, PLEASE HELP ME CROSS THE BRIDGE ON LEVEL 43……:-(

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