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In case you are a really capable Pet Rescue Player, even better, if you are another Pet Rescue Guru and if you appreciate what we are trying to do here you can join our team. We hope you understand that our sole goal is to help desperate Pet Rescuers pass the levels they are stuck.. This is not an easy task and your support is precious as well as necessary.

You can help us in many different ways! You can suggest ideas on how to make a better place, you can also provide tips for each level you’ve passed, while you can be one of our official comments responders (we receive dozens of comments each day and it’s a hard task to provide a really useful response to all of them), you can create walkthrough videos for .. there are so many things to be done when speaking of Pet Rescue!

Our team consists of 5 members and while the site is getting extremely popular we just can’t handle it alone! So feel free to contact us if you think you are the right person to join our team!

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