Pet Rescue Saga Levels 421-480



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  1. vondee

    I did a reinstall but I still can’t get 478 to come up on my phone. I passed it on FB on my desktop but it is still underconstruction on Droid. Any ideas about when this will be released?

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      It’s not very well scheduled like it happens on PC (we have a new episode every second Thursday)! So we can’t be sure when the new episode will be live on Android!

  2. mary lou hanson

    enjoy playing the game, the hints help.

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      it’s good to read this! in a few hrs we will present tips for all the new levels.. stay tuned!

      • moreno martine

        il n’y a plus rien apres 477,,

        • Pet Rescue Guru

          Please speak english!If you are asking about the release of level 478, our guess it will come on Thursday!

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