New Pet Rescue Episode Launched: Levels 523-537

It’s the first time after a long period that King is launching their new Pet Rescue Saga Episode on Wednesday (instead of Thursday)!  See below the announcement from the official facebook page of Pet Rescue Saga:

Where does that joyful melody come from?
Play –>

pet rescue saga 523-537

So what we have here is 15 brand new, challenging levels (hopefully this episode will be proved less complicated than the previous one) for you! And like always, we are about to provide tips/vid for each and every new level in order to make your life less complicated! As always, you should first try each level on your own before asking for help!

Notice that the completion of the list of tips is an ongoing process that will take almost 24 hours so stay tuned in order for all tips/vids are done!

So here we go…

Pet Rescue Levels 523-537 Tips


  1. why wont the new levels update on my mobile android phone? i get the new levels on my laptop but it will not update on my mobile. how do i update on my mobile to reflect the new levels on my laptop? please help.

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