New Pet Rescue Episode Launched: Levels 538-552

It’s the second time that King is launching its new levels on Wednesday (they used to do that on Thursdays)! So we are happy to announce that 15 new, sexy levels are now available on PC! The announcement of King, in the official facebook page of Pet Rescue Saga was:

NEW EPISODE AVAILABLE on Facebook! The Pets have arrived in “Toy Town”, a vast, mazy playground. There’s only one way to help them escaping that trap: pop those blocks!
Rescue the Pets now –>

pet rescue saga 538-552

So in case you are among the ones that find it difficult to complete the new levels we are here to support you! Don’t hesitate to check the list below in order to get tips/vids for the levels you are stuck on.. need to notice that at this moment not all tips are available.. but in the next 12 hours all 15 new levels will have their own tips/vids! Happy rescuing!

Pet Rescue Levels 538-552 Tips


    1. It’s because it’s not available on iOS! Probably next update will come on Wednesday/Thursday along with the PC update!

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