New Pet Rescue Episode Launched: Levels 553-567

About time for one more episode! King came back to the old habits of releasing a new episoe each Thursday! So a few hours ago we have 15 new, sexy levels! From 553 to 567!  Notice that these levels are available only on PC while Android and iOS are 1-2 episodes behind!  So let’s have a look at the minimal announcement on the official facebook page for Pet Rescue Saga:

What a luxurious and relaxing garden… Isn’t it wonderfully zen?
Play now –>

pet rescue 553-567

We remain focused in the reason of existance  of which is to provide you with tips and support for each and every level! Our team is working intensively in order to provide tips and helpful walkthrough vids for each and every new level! The process has already started and below you can find the tips for the new levels! Notice that this is an on-going process that will take almost 24 hrs! So click the level you want in order for tips on it! We wish you happy rescuing:

Pet Rescue Levels 553-567 Tips

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