New Pet Rescue Episode Launched: Levels 568-582

Great news, once again, Rescuers!

It’s about time for a new episode for Pet Rescue Saga and we are here to support you! In agreement with their general approach, to publish one new episode each second Wednesday/Thursday King launched 15 new levels and we are now in the process of gathering tips/vids for all of them

The official announcement in the facebook page of Pet Rescue Saga is:

NEW EPISODE AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK! The Pets have now reached “Chocolate Springs” – everything is made of chocolate here! How delicious is that?
Rescue the Pets now –>

levels 568-582

And as for the tips for each of the new levels you can click on the level you are stuck on, on the list below! As we mentioned above the tip gathering/video creation process is an on going situation so the whole will have been completed in the next 12 hrs! Enjoy!

Pet Rescue Levels 568-572 Tips

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