Pet Rescue Saga Boosters

Pet Rescue Saga is an intriguing action puzzle game which, in many occasions, poses tricky riddles even to avid gamers – and that’s exactly where a handful of Boosters (starting from level 6) come to render invaluable assistance, from wiping out single stone blocks to eradicating whole rows!

To get those Boosters, you need to use Gold Bars – except for the Block Buster Booster, which is picked up with in-game acquired coins. Whenever available, the Boosters are displayed at the side of the screen, alongside the game board, in bright colors (if they are pale, that means they are either unavailable or already utilized), and can be activated simply by clicking on them.

Needless to say that keen Pet Rescue Saga players can complete the game without the Boosters’ aid; yet, as the game progressively gets more challenging, that assistance may be needed, so pay attention to the following Boosters’ presentation and tips!

Block Buster Booster (Hammer)

booster-hammer Appearing like a hammer or a pickaxe, the Block Buster Booster is very efficient in breaking impeding blocks which cannot be eradicated by other means, cleaning up the way for accomplishing the level’s mission with the best possible score!
To pick up the Block Buster Booster while playing the game, use your Facebook credits (you will need 9 of those credits to get a set of three Block Buster Boosters); another alternative is to purchase the aid with your game coins – a total of 3,000 are needed, and again, three boosters come in one set.

Color Pop Booster (Balloon)

booster-balloon Being unlocked after getting through level 9, Color Pop Booster is, in fact, a balloon that enables the player to opt for a specific color of blocks and then crop up all the blocks of that color! (That power-up may sound magnificent, and it is indeed, but you need to be careful not to overdo it, as you may compromise your score when automatically popping out a hefty amount of blocks.)
Three Color Pop Boosters are at your disposal once they are unlocked in level 9, while others become frequently available also for free at certain levels. In case you have to resort to those Booster’s help in levels in which they are not normally available, you have to purchase them (in a set of three) for 19 Facebook credits.

Column Blaster Booster (Rocket)

booster-rocket Being available for free from level 17 (in a set of three), the Column Blaster Booster is also offered without charge in a bunch of other levels, but you need to work hard to obtain it: a bar at the top of the screen is being filled up bit by bit depending on how fast the player eliminates the blocks of the level. As for its function, the Column Booster Blaster is sensational, since it can wipe out a chosen vertical column of blocks in one hit! A useful hint: in case you believe you can make it without its aid, you can put it to its holder and use it later, when you really need it!
Apart from the aforementioned free Column Blaster Boosters, Facebook credits are needed for being able to take advantage of its effectiveness.

Line Blaster Booster

booster-lineblaster You may be cool with simple blocks, but what are you going to do when your course is hampered by sturdy steel blocks? Well, the Line Blaster Booster is here to help every gamer eliminate a whole horizontal row once he / she activates it! Like the Column Blaster Booster, this one too can be saved back in the holder in order to be employed on a click when truly needed.

Mesh Masher Booster

booster-mesh Caged blocks are a serious hassle in Pet Rescue Saga. But that’s the reason why the Mesh Masher Booster was invented! When triggered, this aid disposes off the cages around the blocks, turning them to ordinary ones, thus making your task less cumbersome. The Mesh Masher Booster is available once the layer gets through level 18.

Key Booster

booster-key The function of the Key Booster resembles to that of the Mesh Mash Booster and enables you to unlock stone blocks in order to click them and cause them to disappear! Really useful indeed!


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