Pet Rescue Saga FAQs

Game-related FAQs

How can I finish off a level?

Your target is always dual: one, you need to pick up the points that will give you at least one star; at the same time, you have to accomplish the challenge that is raised at the start of the level.

How do I build up my score?

For those who have indulged in Candy Crush Saga or similar titles, that is an easy guess; you simply tap the blocks you choose so that two or more of the same colour to come to contact, thusly bursting and opening up the way for the Pets while awarding you points so as to head out for the next level. A significant fact: popping out bigger packs of blocks rewards you with an immense boost in your score!

What exactly are Game Modes?

Not every level in Pet Rescue Saga has the same challenge; instead, there are three modes, that is three different patterns for getting through a level. These are:

The Rescue Mode; in this, you are required to rescue the trapped pets by freeing the way down to the base of the screen through popping out the matching blocks below them; as explained earlier, at least one star is required here too in order to proceed to the next level.

The Classic Mode; here, you need to burst a certain number of blocks to get through the next level while at the same time securing as many points as you can get in order to gain at least one star (since, if you fail to do so, you can’t pass, even if you have knapped the needed number of blocks).

The Score Mode; in this game mode, the only requirement is to fulfil the asked challenge in a specific number of moves, gathering of course a minimum score that can give you the needed star to proceed.

The above presented modes are not necessarily separate; in some levels, you may come across combinations of Rescue Mode and Score Mode.

What about the lives?

Like Candy Crush Saga, a Pet Rescue Saga player has five lives at his / her disposal at the beginning of the game. Completing a level successfully is what you need in order to maintain those lives; on the other hand, failing to complete a level, or quitting it, results in the loss of one life, so, if you want to continue for free, you have to wait for half an hour for the life to be replaced (the time remaining for the recovery of the life is displayed on the screen!); in case you want to continue right away, your options are either to purchase a set of five lives or, if you are connected to facebook, to ask your friends to give you some of their own spare lives. However, do not forget to be equally open-handed with your friends by too sharing your lives with them; besides, if you reach the maximum five lives, you cannot add any extra, so give the excess ones to your friends!

Are there any new levels on the way?

Of course! Pet Rescue Saga is a relentlessly renewed game, with updates and extras being added on a regular basis (practically, every 2-3 weeks). So, one thing is for sure: the fan will take a long time to subside!

What about Boosters?

Boosters are extremely useful in providing assistance in completing the relatively trickier levels, helping you to force your way through once you are stuck in a troublesome situation. For example, the Key Blaster Booster aids in eliminating stone blocks, the Mesh Masher Booster removes every cage, turning any caged block to an ordinary block, the Column Blaster can eradicate a whole column with each use, the Line Blaster Booster wipes out whole rows (being extremely handy in levels with solid steel blocks), the Block Buster Booster, which is a practical hammer that you use in order to break an irritatingly positioned block, etc.!

How how can I put those Boosters to use?

Boosters appear at the side of the screen (on the spinner, next to the game board) and you can activate them by clicking on them; obviously, in order to switch them on, they must be ready, and you can be informed on that by the intense colour they have; otherwise, they appear as pale (the same applies to the Boosters which have already been consumed).

How do I get the Boosters?

All boosters, firstly appearing on level 6, need a facebook credit to be purchased, and they come with a number of charges which are expended every time you resort to the help of one; exceptionally, the Block Buster Booster can be purchased with game coins earned in-game.

Is it mandatory to purchase the Boosters?

No, of course not! If you are ardent and skilled enough, you can finish the game without their help; still, you need to know that Pet Rescue Saga is a game that steadily gets harder, thus making it truly hard to pull yourself and your Pets out of the hindrances, but you can definitely do it!

Device-related FAQs

Which are the devices that support Pet Rescue Saga?

All Android devices can run the game, provided they meet the following requirements: processor built on ARMv7 architecture, support OpenGL ES 2.0, support 320×480 resolution or higher and running on Android OS 2.2 or higher.

Apple devices with iOS version, 4.3.5 or later, for the models: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 1 and later models, as well as iPod Touch 3rd generation and later models. Do keep in mind that the game does not support jailbroken iOS devices!

In any case, you should use a flash supporting web browser in your device.

A message “Your device is not compatible” appears on my Android device; what is happening?

Probably, your device does not meet the requirements for the compatible Pet Rescue Saga.

What about crashing that happens when I begin a level?

Typically, the problem has to do with the memory of your device; a recommended action is, simply, to restart it so as to unblock its memory, and the game will likely be initiated without further complications; also, you might need to remove your game and reinstall it. In any other case, you might need to consult an expert.

The game seems to be loading properly, but I can not open up a level. What should I do?

Click on the left upper icon to open up the game in full screen mode; if that doesn’t help, try to clear out your browser cache.

Can I continue with my progress in case I need to reinstall the game?

Well, it depends; normally, your progress is simply stored on the device, and thus, it will be lost when the application is removed; however, if you are synched with facebook, your progress is saved on your account, and therefore you can go on unlocking new levels and accessing leaderboards after the reinstallation!

I shopped for an item from the shop but it seems like I never got it. Is this a kind of scam?

No, fortunately not. It is a complication that can happen, and the reason for this is the loss of internet connection after buying the item, when the purchase is about to be confirmed via a message. The solution could be the following: If you use Android devices, you first uncheck the “Don’t Keep Activities” option (in the Advanced Settings menu) on your device; then, go to the home screen of the game, tab on the Settings icon and then on Restore Purchases to hopefully restore your Google Play purchases. If you use an iOS device, things are simpler: go to the home screen of the game, tab on the Settings icon, then tap on Restore Purchases, and your App Store purchases should be renewed. However, if those steps do not take care of the hassle, check your receipts (which have been sent to you via e-mail), contact Google Play or Apple, and click on the Report a Problem link.

Facebook-related FAQs

Is a facebook account pivotal so as to play Pet Rescue Saga?

Registering an account at facebook and being synced is definitely the most popular choice, however that does not mean it is a mandatory one! Thus, if you are not so keen on plugging in your facebook info and sharing your experience with friends, you can enjoy the game without a bf connection.

Do I lose my progress in case I log out of my facebook account and someone else logs in after that?

Of course not! After all, Pet Rescue Saga is able to support several log-ins with various facebook accounts, so there is no need to worry. Any time you log out, your progress is saved and can be restored the moment you log in again; therefore, if someone else logs in using another facebook account, all the progress made from that point is stored to that account and not to yours.

Why can’t I get my facebook messages and help from my friends on my device?

It’s a small issue that can by tackled by logging out and then logging in to your account. Go to the main Pet Rescue Saga menu and tap the Facebook Connect icon; by doing so, your Facebook messages will almost certainly appear on your screen.

Why is the progress from facebook not appearing on my mobile?

Check on the small icon on the lower right part of the map screen; normally, this icon should be green, to indicate that synchronisation with facebook has been successfully completed; but if it is red, then you have come to the source of the problem. To tackle it, locate a find a more solid internet connection and try to get synchronised again.


  1. i have been stuck on level 192 for 3 months and i dont know wat to do i got the mystery quest but everytime i complete them im still stuck on 192

    1. Weird enough!! Please report the issue to King:

  2. The time is showing 29154:09 before my next pet. How can I correct this? I don’t know what happened. Show I uninstall and reinstall?

    1. change your date in your settings, also if you put the next days date you get 5 lives then go out and change the date to a few days back and when you run out of lives just keep putting your date to the next day and you have unlimited lives.

  3. I have an iPad 2 and iPhone 4s and I am stuck on levels 522. On my PC I am on 527. How can I link my PC to my other electronics?

    1. On iPad there are only 522 levels at the moment so even if you connect your PC/facebook with your iPad you won’t be able to play more levels with your iPad

  4. Trying to play pet rescue through Facebook on my iPad air and it just opens app so I don’t get to use coins. It works when I play on my Mac computer. How can I play through Facebook on my iPad?

  5. I am on level 552 and waiting for more boards to open up again, can’t I start my Pet Rescue over so I can go back though it while I am waiting for new boards to open up again? I have had to wait numerous times since I got on level 3. I hope someone can help me, I love the game, no problems, and I would like to start over and go through with only three stars to progress until you get more boards made.

    1. sure you can definitely do it! And you can start providing YOUR tips for the older levels!

  6. I downloaded Pet Rescue Saga onto my HTC one phone. I found your site to help me when I got stuck, but your walk-throughs don’t match my levels. Do I have a newer version? Where can I get help?

    1. there are a few changes now or then, so it’s not a surprise that some levels look different!

  7. I am at a crossroads in which I need gold bars to pass through or “ask friends.” When asking friends, a screen would come up giving me a list of friends to choose from. Well, the list is no longer there. It is a blank. These friends are still playing this game because they continue to give me lives.

    How do I get the list of friends to show up so I can ask them to “unlock” me so I can move forward with the game? I do not want to purchase gold bars.

    1. Strange enough! Any other to report the same? Plz contact king and report the issue:

        1. Please contact King and report the issue:

    2. Hi
      I have the same problem and I cannot buy anything cause nothing happens when I klick what I want to buy

    3. The same thing was happening to me, but I just figured it out. I was logging in to facebook through the facebook icon, but i decided to log in through my browser and going to and logging in that way, and the friend lists show up. Strange.

  8. Pet Rescue Saga Level 325 on pc freezes up on both IE and Firefox. I have latest updates for Windows, browsers, and Flash Player and many reboots. The Flash Player plugin stops working .

  9. Stuck on mystery quest 374 impossible to get 20,000 point even when I get to bottom and use x blocks. It shows you need 8,000 points when u start playing . Then it says 20,000. What has happened? Is this a bug? Please fix!

    1. I’m having the same problem and sent King an email and they said it is suppose to be 20,000 so I askef them to give me some ideas on how to achieve the objective and no reply

    1. Hello Julie and thank you for your message! We are not the creators of the game, we are just a support community! As for the issue you mention.. hopefully this will be fixed on Thursday when the new update will be released !!

  10. I am new at this but was zipping along to level 59 when all the sudden my lives are gone and it says 18000 hours until the next one. I am patient but that’s super long. 🙂 is this a glitch that can be fixed?

  11. The second mystery quest after level 387 (which is level 374 again, but this time you need 20,000 points) is impossible to get enough points!! Even when clearing all blocks, there is no bonus points added as it does in other levels. Is this a glitch? I’ve heard others say it is a bug, but I’m afraid to delete app and reload as I don’t want to loose 387 levels of progress!! Help! I’ve been stuck before but always able to move forward eventually. This one has me baffled and about to give up on a game I enjoy very much!

    1. wasn’t aware of that! any other to report the same? What about advancing to the next level by asking 3 friends to help you?

      1. I do not wish to “connect” this game on Facebook. I prefer to play privately! Lol. I’ve gotten this far and have never purchased a booster or lives or asked friends for help! I’d like to keep it that way!

          1. Have been having the same problem with the score of 20000, but have just beaten it.

            The solution was :- when you get to the very bottom of the screen there are two (caged) blocks which have a double score. ‘uncage’ these and ensure you have enough blocks with the same colour beside them.This rewards you with double points per block and if you have enough blocks this will take you over the 20000 required.It definitely is possible

  12. I am on Level 237, but when i change worlds it takes me to level 147 which I alreafy completed. What is going on.

    1. our guru just played the level on PC and there was not freezing at all.. any other to report freezing on iPhone? We suggest that you pass the level on PC and then continue with your iPhone!

  13. Hi I have been trying to pass level 42 for weeks now it won’t let me go any further without getting 3 Facebook friends to give me a pass to the next level I only have 2 friends playing & it seems that something is wrong when I ask for lives from them I don’t get them… I have uninstalled this app before so what should I do??

    1. Did you manage to get this sorted as I have a similar problem in getting assistance from my few friends on Facebook to unlock the next level, as when I tap ok and get the green tick, nothing happens,.,

  14. I cleared all the blocks but did not earn enough points? I don’t understand how that is possible. I’m stuck on level 180. I even purchased rockets& boosters on different attempts. I get the message now earn x points but no choice except to give up. How have others handled this problem? Thanks.

  15. I am playing on PC and ipad. Levels on ipad only go up to 312 which I have cmpleted where as on PC I am n level 363. Why is my ipad stuck at 312?

    1. we need to wait for the new episode to launch on iOS? On Android there are 342 levels while on PC there are 432 levels.. i’d rather continue with another device!

  16. Im in level 342 and I cant play more levels and I see this message soon there will be more places until this you can play previous level what I should do to fix this ? Im in level 346 in my pc

    1. Guess you’re playing on Android, right? You have to wait for the next episode to be launched on Android or continue with the PC Version

  17. hi, when do I get the text for the game? its just bubbles, I don’t know which level im on of course but I’ve gotten pretty far. any help would be appreciated.

  18. I am having the same issue as earlier poster (Maureen) with level 144. It keeps getting stuck where I can’t do anything-the game isn’t “over”, just can’t move anywhere else. I am playing on an iPhone 4. Is there a bug on this level?

  19. hi
    i am 82 level of pet rescue game . but when i trigger the rocket game get crash . i even restarted the mobile too many times but encountered same issue.

    Please do need full
    game version
    andriod version 4.0.4

    1. this happens with both 82 & 92! guess you are playing on mobile, right? Try it on PC, it seems to work great!!

  20. Excellent work, a number of highly great tips! I appreciate you writing this posting and the rest of your website is awesome!

  21. On the game on my phone, it says that I have to wait for more episodes to be released to continue playing, but on Facebook, I can keep playing. How can I keep playing on the app on my phone???

    1. do you play on iOS? or Android? guess you are on 297 (if you play on android) or 312 (if you play on iOS)! If this happens.. you just need to wait.. or continue on PC!

    1. my phone is galaxy s3…not sure if that makes a difference but every level up to 144 has worked fine..please help?

  22. I am playing pet rescue on iPhone 5 and I am up to level 144 the game keeps getting stuck (I mean there is nowhere to go) I have no valid moves left I can’t tap on anything at all so I have to keep quitting the game manually. Is this a bug with this level

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