Pet Rescue Saga Level 106

petrescuelevel106 Target:
Save 6 pets
Get 25.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 106 Tips

In pet rescue 106 you have to keep at least two of the line blasters there are in the initial screen for the last phase of the level. With them you have to destroy the metal boxes that prevent pets’ rescuing.

Pet Rescue Level 106 Walkthrough Video

Problems with pet rescue level 106? The following video will help you to complete it without using any boosters, hammers etc.


  1. I cannot find a video that will help me past level 106 of pet rescue saga game. The video for level 106 for pet rescue saga on this site does not help me either. My version of level 106 for pet rescue saga starts out with animals whom are caged instead of the pigeons that are shown on the video for level 106. I believe someone who put up the video for level 106 needs to update the video reflecting the change of pigeons to animals that are caged.

    1. probably its a different version of the level.. will ask our guru to check it and provide new tips/vid! stay tuned

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