Pet Rescue Saga Level 111

petrescuelevel111 Target – Updated:
Clear 100 % of the blocks
Get 35.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 111 Tips

The updated version of pet rescue 111 is really hard. Blow the two balloons in the initial screen and then start clearing the blocks. Use the first rocket (you’ll activate) in the first column, only when it’s consisted of metal boxes and diamonds. To have possibilities to pass the level, you have to destroy all metal boxes of the level, before you’ll reach the bottom of the screen except them in the last column and the first one. Now if you have made to reach the bottom of the screen, without lossing any block (really difficult), you have to clear all the blocks beetween the first and the last column and drive the metal boxes of the last column to the first, without using the rocket booster. When done this, use the rocket to destroy the metal boxes in first column and get the points of the diamonds.

Pet Rescue Level 111 Walkhtrough Video

Problems in completing level 111? The following video will really help you to make it.


  1. I been stuck on level 111 forever…it’s asking to clear 100%…it’s impossible and I guess I’m calling it quits Cuz it’s impossible and fustrating

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