Pet Rescue Saga Level 118

petrescuelevel118 Target:
Clear 100% of the blocks
Get 22.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 118 Tips

Pet rescue 118 is not a difficult level. You can either destroy the upper line with the metal boxes from the beginning with the line blaster there is in the same line, or you can keep this line blaster till the end of the level and destroy the metal boxes with the line blaster there is in the the left of the screen, bringing them in the same line. Another tip we have to suggest you is to destroy the infected cells as fast as you can and not let them expand too much. Generally speaking we don’t think you’ll have problems in passing this level.

In order to move on to pet rescue level 118, you’ll need the help of 3 of your friends. If you have problem with that Click here to get helped as soon as possible.

Pet Rescue Level 118 Walkthrough Video

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