Pet Rescue Saga Level 125

Save 7 Pets in 20 moves
Get 14.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 125 Tips (Updated)

Use the three line blasters in the begining of pet rescue level 125. Then start clearing the blocks (usually you have to clear the blocks in the lower part of the screen first) trying to drive the pets to the bottom. Use the three balloons (you have at your disposal) in the right moment in order to achieve your goal of saving 7 pets in 20 moves.

Pet Rescue Level 125 Walkthrough Video


  1. You get 3 balloons…A good tip is to concentrate on the color for which you don’t have a balloon….
    With 5 moves to go burst the balloons which should allow your last 2 moves to be of the color you didn’t have which should free the last of the pets….

    Great level this one…

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