Pet Rescue Saga Level 132

petrescuelevel132 Target:
Clear 100% of the blocks
Get 33.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 132 Tips

Keep the three line blasters for the end of the level. Once you activate the rocket use it in the first column in the right part of the screen, where the metal boxes are. In order to gather the demanded number of points create and clear large clusters of same colored blocks, especially in the left part of the screen.
After completing this level in order to move on you’ll need the help of 3 of your friends.

Pet Rescue Level 132 Walkthrough Video

Complete pet rescue level 132 following our strategy shown in the following video.


  1. I can not get the names of people to come up so I can ask for help to un block road so I can play more what is wrong ? I am on 133 if I could every get road un blocked need help

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