Pet Rescue Saga Level 145

Pet Rescue 145
Pet Rescue Level 145
Pet Rescue 145
Pet Rescue Level 145

Save 2 pets in 40 moves
Get 23.000

Pet Rescue Level 145 Tips

Level 145 is a very tricky level to be completed. To rescue the pet at right it’s quite easy even if you don’t use the key. If you clear a large cluster left of it, or use the two ballooons at right moment, the pet will be moved a column left and you will have the chance to rescue it. To rescue the pet at the left demands to release the key. Do it by clearing blocks in the last line and in the centre of the screen in order the key to be driven to the bottom (you can be helped in this by the line blasters of the level).
Ok. You did it and you rescued and the 2nd pet too. Have you completed the level? NO!!! is the answer. The possibilities are that you’ll not have gathered the demanded points. So a good tactic is to make groups of same-colored blocks as big as possible before bursting them in order to get many points! Have you done all these in 40 moves? Then YES you’ve succeeded passing the level.

Pet Rescue Level 145 Walkthrough Video

The following video will hopefully be proved helpful! Watch it carefully in order to elaborate our tactic!


  1. I found a trick! When you first start they give you the special colored blocks. Try to get 2 or 3 of them together in the same massive combo. I got 13,1000 points with 3 specials blocks. It depends whatkind of board they give you on startup. Hope that helps!

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