Pet Rescue Saga Level 169

Save 9 pets in 45 moves
Get 30.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 169 Tips – updated

To pass the Pet Rescue Level 169 updated version is a little matter of luck. First of all rescue the two pets in the right column smashing the wires of the blocks under clearing blocks of the last line and using the balloons. After that you must simultaneously to rescue the pets that are coming above the screen and smash the wires of the first column in order to rescue the two pets there. After having rescued both pets, more than one pets fall above the screen. Find the way to rescue them with the less possible moves. The moves are really limited for the demanded task!

Pet Rescue Saga Level 169 Walkthrough Video

Don’t be disappointed if you find it difficult to pass Pet Rescue Level 169. The following video will help you understand our strategy.


  1. What is the use of winning coins if you can’t use them to buy anything. Has this become a cash/credit game only. Can you tell me before I invest more time playing this game.

    1. We are sorry to say that but 169 is quite tricky now! We are working on finding new solutions/tips! Stay tuned

    1. We are sorry to say that but 169 is quite tricky now! We are working on finding new solutions/tips! Stay tuned

  2. i been on leverl 169 for month now gonna give up this game cages don’t come down fed up with trying at least 25 times a day waste of time

    1. Be patient Sam cause we are going to publish new tips & new vid! The level is different and harder now!

  3. Stuck on level 169. King has reduced the moves from 45 moves down to 40 and you have to get most of the pets on the sides before you get additional one. The most I have gotten was 7 out of 9

          1. Hell Dennis and thank you for your comments! We are working on this level, but it’s quite tricky! Hopefully we wil find a solution pretty soon!

          2. The important thing here is that you finally passed it! Keep rescuing! Finally we succeed to pass the new paranoid 169! Check vid/tips!

  4. Someone from King has changed this level. It is literally impossible to complete now. I’ve been on level 169 for 2 weeks now, using up to 15 lives a day or more & the most I’ve saved was 7 out of 9 pets

    1. we will check it asap and come back with updated tips/vid if it’s really different! Thanks for reporting Tim!

    2. YES! totally agree…. this has been bugging me for ages and again have watched the videos and it is impossibe to do at this moment…..

      I can do the sides and release but NO OTHER baskets have fallen at all, and I have tried and tried and tried, so many different ways to play this level and am so cheesed off with it….

      I can see the strategy etc etc, but when no other pets drop, you have wasted moves to get zippy out of the level!

      Any ideas please would be most welcome.

      1. will check again for a new version (though i believe that different versions of the level are active at the same moment) and come back asap!

  5. I can only get pets to drop from center after all are rescued on side but then all balloons are gone and not enough moves to save 9 pets

  6. Several weeks ago when I started level 169 pet cages dropped from center screen then it stopped dropping them about 2 weeks ago. Not One will drop from center screen. Only ones on side are there

  7. blown through 4 days and 25 lives have not saved 2 pets and no new carriers ever drop cannot save 9 pets when only 4 ever show up in 40 moves…

    1. i have been on this for the last 3 weeks with the same problem,169 is a nightmare,can only get a cage once on side is done then only get a cage when the previous pet rescued,i have had all the pets and not the points or 1000’of points and no pets
      HELP ME,before i go mad or jump in a lake,x

    1. We didn’t face the same problem. If you rescue the pets already found in the screen, new pets will drop in pet boxes (cages). Just rescue the pets as quickly as possible (spending the minimum of moves)

      1. thats all very well if you get the cages but if you only get them when the previous pet is rescued your moves are all gone,i have tried your strategy and it doesnt work on mine,i can use allmy moves get 1000’s of points and not one cage

        1. i feel you maggie, we are playing such levels again and again and we see that after a few tries a good board appears! You need to be patient :/

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