Pet Rescue Saga Level 177

petrescuelevel177 Pet rescue saga level 177 is a difficult one and there is great possibility to lose lifes trying to beat it. Don’t give up, watch our walkthrough video, understand our strategy and things will become easier at once.
Just a few tips: It’s easy to play this level using the bombs, the line blaster boosters or the rockets you earn. But there is a difficulty: the pets are moving to one column each, so it’s difficult, at the end, to clear the last block down of them . Just remember in order to save all the pets it’s necessary to keep till the end as many boosters as you can. For example a line blaster booster has to reach till the end of the level, the last line. Also if you make to keep any balloons they will be really helpful!

Save 5 pets
Get 10.000 points


  1. I finished level 177 and I need help to get to level 178, but none of my friends show up on my list. I’ve been here for days and I can’t get any friends to appear. How do I fix this issue?

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