Pet Rescue Saga Level 178

petrescuelevel178 Target:
Save 15 pets in 35 moves
Get 30.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 178 Tips

Level 178 is another tricky level and you need to be patient and focused even if  you spend many lifes and much time to beat it. Just few tips: The problem in pet rescue level 178 is that you have only 35 moves in order to save 15 pets. This means that you have an average of 2 moves for each pet. This is almost impossible. What do we do? The solution lies on saving more than one pet in a single move! So it’s crucial that you clear large clusters of blocks, use the balloons and the line blasters at the right moment and don’t waste meaningless moves!

Pet Rescue Level 178 Walkhtrough Video

Make things easier by watching our walkthrough video so as to better elaborate  our strategy.

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