Pet Rescue Saga Level 180


Target – Updated:
Clear 100% of the blocks
Get 28.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 180 Tips

First of all you should use the ballon. This will makes things pretty simple. Just remember to keep the line blasters till the end of the level, because you’ll have to destroy a line of boxes. Use the rocket booster when a column prevents the level to move on.

UPDATEHow to Achieve a higher score

Truth is  level 180 has become quite difficult since you get only 10000 (instead of 20.000) when you clear all the blocks!  But your target is now different. You need to score 28.000 (instead of 32.000 which was the target previously) which is not that difficult while you get the 10.000 when you clear all the blocks and 5.000 when the five diamonds reach the bottom! So you just have to gather 13.000 points clearing the blocks. There is only one advice: Create and clear as large clusters as possible escpecially when on the first phases of the level.

Pet Rescue Level 180 Walkhtrough Video

Stuck on pet rescue level 180? The following video will help you to beat it, without losing any life.


  1. First of all I just wanta say that I ♥ Pet Rescue Guru!!!
    Whenever I need tips….I come here!

    Now…about level 180…
    I keep seeing that there has been an update and the “Goal has now changed to 28,000″…
    ★My problem is this: The goal on my Pet Rescue Saga (mobile) game version: has NOT changed…it is still 32,000.
    I am playing on a ‘Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet’ …
    I downloaded my ‘Pet Rescue Saga’ game from the
    ‘Google Play Store’…and anytime an app or game has an
    update, the Google Play Store automatically updates it on
    my tablet…but the goal score on this level has NOT
    So, does anyone have any suggestions for how I can get the updated score level (from 32,000 to 28,000)??

      THANKS!! ★

      1. fixed that! Hopefully you will help us by sharing your tips with our audience 🙂 Your help is always valueable!

    2. it’s a common situation.. some rescuers experience a previous variation of a level while others are playing the newest one! I think it’s a matter of time for you to face the updated version!

  2. Same thing here – I have been on level 180 for a month and clear the board all the time – never get enough points no matter what I do. Update, please!!!

    1. i feel you sally! i am sorry to say that but your only option is to keep trying.. did you read the discussion here?? hopefully king will make this level easier after the next update.

  3. I have been stuck on this level for weeks and weeks. I have cleared the board so many times, easily 20 times. I ALWAYS get “blocks cleared, now get XXX amount of points”.
    On one ocassion I saw “now get 50 points”. REALLY? 50 points? I clear big clumps of blocks, I have been suckered into buying hammers (no more though, enough is enough), I have studied the blocks before hitting them so to predict how they will fall and if it will cause a problem further down.
    I think this level is rigged so crazy A-type people like me pump money into the game.

    I hope King updates this soon, because there are many people stuck here on level 180, Pet Rescue.

    1. you’re right.. this is a tough level.. so much frustration!!! Yes, we believe King will make it easier pretty soon.. we’re confident they are taking into consideration the discussions taking place here so i guess they will update it soon!

  4. I literally just finished this level and had to get back here and tell you guys how!!! I kept falling short of the required points after clearing 100% of the blocks. It’s been like 3 days of clearing without the need points!!! I kept coming to read post to see if I’m missing a step!! I did. Try to use as few balloons as possible and no row blasters. The colum rocket is not needed yet either. If you use the rocket it’s destroying the blocks but you need those points. So strategically get to the bottom and free your last key. Use it. Now ater you clear all allowed blocks your balloons, row blaster and colum rocket is all you have left. Use the balloons. Hopefully all grey blocks are freed. Use the colum rocket to size down any blocks still grey. Now the row blasters!!! Hopefully this helped!!!

  5. I’ve actually found that not using the balloons initially helps later when you have to clear the row of grey blocks further down. If you don’t use the balloons it will line a row blaster up with these blocks after you release 2 keys.

    1. I cleared this level within 5 goes. I agree with Angie. Don’t use the balloons or the line blasters.
      If you explode the bombs and use the keys the top line blaster will line up with the row of steel blocks. Keep breaking the mesh baskets to release the blocks. If you can save the balloons til the bottom you should have only one colour left to blast away.

  6. I can clear 100% of the blocks but NEVER can I get the required points. One would think if all the blocks are cleared that would automaticqlly give you enough points. How can you get more points when all the blocks you’re given are cleared. King needs to get this fixed!

    1. You can get much more points if you clear large blocks/massive combos, this is what generally happens to match-3 games!

  7. I cannot pass level 180.
    I clear all the blocks and diamonds, totalling to to 30020.
    The amount at the end which says I have won doesn’t get added to my score.
    I have watched the helpful video that’s online but I still cannot pass this level. Why?

  8. I cleared the blocks million of times for this level but never gave me enough points to go to the next level!!! I saw a video for this level when they cleared the blocks it gave them 2000 of points to get one star mine is always giving me 1000 which is making it impossible to pass this level!! Please fix this level before we lose interest in this game !!

    1. Hello Mira.. i completely understand your frustration!! But we are not connected with King, the company that created the game, so we can’t fix anything.. but hopefully they will make it easier in the next update, while they are taking into consideration what is written here.

  9. I have cleared the board many times as well, but instead of 2000 bonus points for clearing, I only get 1000. Others have mentioned the same glitch. All video tips show getting 2000 points. Time to delete this thing off my computer.

    1. You’re right! Hopefully they will make this level easier in the future.. it’s not a glitch, it is just a change in the newer version of the level

  10. I beat the cleared the blocks like 10 times and only reach 3100 points. It doesn’t give me the 2000 points at the end for completing the boxes. # frustrating

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