Pet Rescue Saga Level 186

petrescuelevel186 Target:
Save 6 pets
Get 20.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 186 Tips – updated

Stuck on pet rescue level 186? Just a “secret”: Keep the bombs almost till the end of the level. When using a bomb try to destroy more than one boxes (under the pets) so as to release a pet from its cage at the same time.

Obviously you may be forced to use the bombs earlier if no other moves are left. Generally speaking you need to clear the blocks in the center of the board before clearing the two sides. It would be a clever choice to use your first rocket in the first or last column in order for the level to advance. Maybe you will need to use 2 bombs in this column (first or last).

Notice: If you’ve passed #186 please don’t neglect to provide your strategy or tips in order to help other Rescuers complete the level!

Pet Rescue Level 186 Walkthrough Video

The following walkthrough video will help you to beat #186 without using any boosters. Try elaborate the tactic that gave us the victory!


  1. The same thing happens to me. I cannot get past the first level without using all the bombs and then when I use the rocket on the first 2 columns like it says it does not move. This is not fun anymore.

    1. Please make sure you read all the conversation here.. it may help! Which device are you playing on?

        1. Hello again Ann

          Probably our guru should provide a few extra tips! Till then you should keep on trying!

  2. Hello

    I finally passed the level following the strategy that was posted by pet rescue guru, however I would like to add that I tried for 3 days to pass it using both my android phone and tablet and could not. Finally I tried it online on my laptop and passed after a few trys. This has happened before with previous levels, so I suggest trying it online on a computer. For some reason, on my laptop it seems easier for me sometimes or maybe they made it easier to pass in general. I don’t know. But it’s worth a shot.

    1. you’re absolutely right! many levels that are tough on Android/iOS are quite easier on PC! Keep rescuing!

  3. i went ti this king and told them this story they have yet to do something about this level if it doesnt get to where i and everyone else that is having this problem can without difficulty i will keep writing messages every day to them until it is repaired i think it is totally ridiculous that we especially me is having this problem i am frustrated and very irritated

    1. I think this is the best thing to do.. we can’t do anything more than just express our complaints!

  4. An addendum to my previous comment.
    I just beat the level after about 7-8 more tries. I used the strategies provided and beat it with relative ease. My previous comment should have read that the screen will not scroll if the top row has anything occupying it . There needs to be at least one empty space for the screen to scroll without using your bombs or a rocket if you have earned one. The strategy provided works for this reason… If you keep the outer most columns until all center matches have been made no new blocks can fall on them since they are already at the top row. When the columns are shortened on the last moves before the screen scrolls, space is created for the screen to scroll down and you keep your bombs. Repeat as much as possible throughout the game. work from the middle outward and when a bomb is near a couple of metal boxes and prefferably a crate use it to eliminate those obstacles. Thank you again pet rescue saga guru.

    1. Great news Brian, and thank you for sharing your experience! This will help many other rescuers beat the level! Please keep sharing your experience, it will be really helpful for others!

  5. It works just like every other pet rescue level…. If there are possible moves remaining, i.e. bombs, boosters etc. the level will not scroll down. Clear the center columns first. When all matches are exhausted, match blocks on the sides which clears space at the top and allows the level to scroll down. Use the bombs strategically as you go and blast the metal boxes and crates. It isn’t a problem with the game or this sites tips, it is a problem with people’s inability to read instructions properly and think logically. I have not completed the level myself, but after reading the tips here I have come a lot closer than I ever had before visiting this site. Thank you for the advice. I appreciate it.

    1. Thank you SO much for your post! I could not understand why the screen would scroll down sometimes but not others. Thank you!

    1. Hello JoAnn! I totally feel you but we can’t fix anything! We’re not connected with King! Please express your complaint to them:

      It’s common that when they receive negative feedback on a level they are making it easier after the next update.. so hopefully they will make it less tricky after the next update!

      1. i have followed all tips on walk through try to do everything according to the way it shows and i cannot win this level i am not playing this game any more until it is made easier have enjoyed playing thus far so when it is made better i wont play i know several other people that hace deleted this game because of this problem the bombs are a problem good luck to everyone else

  6. I too have the problem that the board will not move up when I have made all my matches left as long as I have any bombs saved. If I have any bombs they have to be used in order for the board to move.

      1. Your reply makes no sense…. how can you save the bombs until the end of the level when the level will not scroll up UNTIL all the bombs are used ? Obviously I am having the same problem !!!

  7. I have the same problem. Has anybody tried what the ‘Admin’ suggested? How does that help? Clearing blocks that have fallen from the top and at the sides? The rest of the blocks will absolutely NOT move up until I’ve exhausted all my options (ie. used up all the bombs). At this stage, I just save my time by clicking on the quit button. It is not at all like all these videos I have seen.

      1. please fix this problem…….CANT keep the bombs till last IT WONT LET US! wont scroll down unless we use them. was enjoying this game till now but not for much longer!

  8. I’ve watched the videos on level 186 and all the rolls of blocks continue to move up. My rows won’t move until ALL the bombs are blown even when I get ride of all matching blocks. Of course I will never win because by the time I get to the bottom, all my bombs were used in the beginning. The top blocks won’t even fall off if I still have the bombs. Am I the only one with this problem?

  9. This is why blocks are falling above the screen. You have to be patient and clear them all. Start clearing the blocks from the two edges of the screen.

    1. You CANNOT keep the bombs until you want to use them…that is what everyone is trying to tell you!!! If you made all the matches on the screen…and you DO NOT USE THE BOMBS OR THE ROCKET, the screen WILL NOT DROP ANY LOWER. That is why we cannot beat the damn level and it is not just this level…it is ANY LEVEL…you CANNOT GO FORWARD ONCE ALL THE MATCHES ARE MADE, UNLESS YOU USE THE BOMBS,THE ROCKET or THE SPRING LOADED PUNCHING BAGS!!! Man…how many times does anyone have to say it for the smart ones to figure out what we are trying to tell you. This game has been this exact same way for the years I have been playing it…so I guess the MOBILE APP game lets you do all kinds of things a PC or TABLET will not let you do. *whew*

  10. Something is wrong with my level. Even when the blocks are cleared at the top, the row never moves up, unlike this video. I am forced to use ALL the bombs before the row will move up. My pets are always stuck on those gray blocks at the bottom row and are never cleared. I think there is glitch . What should I do?

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