Pet Rescue Saga Level 190


Clear 100% of the blocks
Get 34.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 190 Strategy

It’s probable that you’ll be stuck on #190 and you’ll lose many lifes till you complete it. Just a few tips: With the rocket booster you’ll earn after clearing the first large cluster of blocks destroy the 5th column of the level. After that, you have to destroy some blocks in order to move the last column of the screen one left. Try to clear cluster of blocks as larger as you can, because you need points to reach the target of the level. It’s not enough to clear clusters of just two blocks, because you’ll clear the 100% of the blocks, but you’ll will not achieve the target of the points.

Pet Rescue Level 190 Walkthrough Video

Our walkthrough video shows how to beat it without using any boosters.

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