Pet Rescue Saga Level 192

petrescuelevel192 Target:
Save 3 pets
Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 192 Strategy

In pet rescue level 192 you have the chance to achieve a really high score! The points you have to gather is not a problem. You have to be careful, especially in the beginning of the level, don’t stay out of moves or lose any pet. In the end of the level use the bombs, or keep a rocket booster till the end, in order to release the pets from the cages that maybe have been captured.

Notice 1: Don’t forget to share your tips if’you did it with #192 in order to make it easier for other Rescuers to beat it!

Notice 2: You need 3 friends to help you in order to advance to the next episode! Click here to get more Pet Rescue Friends!

Pet Rescue Level 192 Walkthrough Video

Watch the walkthrough video to understand our strategy.

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