Pet Rescue Saga Level 206

pet rescue 206
Pet Rescue Level 206


Save 12 pets
Get 20.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 206 Strategy

Level 206 seems quite tricky, but truth is that  if you are a little lucky and follow simultaneously our strategy, you will beat it. Clear the blocks under the right paint brush booster and then paint the 3 blocks with the same color of the nearby pet boxes. Next step is to clear out ALL the blocks above them and then (and only then) release the pets from their boxes. After that the level becomes quite easy. Just another notice: First clear out the blocks above the pair of the same colored pet boxes and then release the pets.
The matter of luck concerns the initial screen. If you have already large cluster of same colored blocks at the right of the screen, so clearing them will “drive” the paint brush booster just above the pet box, it will be quite difficult to pass the level.
This strategy gave us a three stars score!

Notice: Never forget to share your tips/experience in order to make it easier for desperate Rescuers to beat it!

Pet Rescue Level 206 Walkthrough Video

Though the strategy described above is really helpful we suggest that you have a look at the video below if still stuck on Level 206!

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