Pet Rescue Saga Level 208

petrescuelevel208 Target:
Save 6 pets
Get 20.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 208 Tips

Just a few tips: Try to keep the balloon boosters as more as you can. Don’t bother with the infected blocks. As they expand they help you to clear out large cluster of (infected) blocks and gain rocket boosters.

Pet Rescue Level 208 Walkthrough Video

Still stuck on pet rescue level 208? The following video will help you to complete this level achieving a 3 stars score.

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  1. I am onlevel 2087 and have been for almost 2 months now why cant you all make it an easier level if you don’t help me get through it I will not play any more pet rescue until you give a solution I want to keep playing but seriously this is ridiculous help pls it is not a level yhay should be in pet rescue
    there is no way to beat level

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