Pet Rescue Saga Level 212

petrescuelevel212 Target:
Save 5 pets in 40 moves
Get 12.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 212 Strategy

You have to play clever in order to complete pet rescue level 212. The screen is divided in 4 parts with a cross of locked blocks. Use the paint brush boosters to release the pets from their pet boxes in each part of the screen. Try to gain a rocket booster, before unlock the blocks, and release one pet. Then immediately use the key and you’ll earn again a rocket booster to release one more pet! Then you have either to clear out the blocks under the pets, or to clear out large clusters of blocks to gain rocket boosters to use them, rescuing the pets. We followed the second strategy and succeeded to complete the level, without using any payable booster.

Pet Rescue Level 212 Walkthrough Video

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