Pet Rescue Saga Level 213

petrescuelevel213 Target:
Clear 100% of the blocks
Get 22.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 213 Strategy

Pet rescue saga level 213 is a tricky one and you have to follow our strategy to beat it without boosters! Use the paint brush booster which has aside a same color block to the opposite side. Then clear all the blocks above the two boxes. Then start clearing the blocks in the right part of the screen. Use the right line blaster to destroy the box under the left line blaster. Continue clearing the blocks. The target is the left line blaster to reach the bottom of the level and to be just one line to destroy with it.

Notice: Feel comfortable to share your tips, in the comments area, in order to make it easier for other Pet Rescuers to complete it!

Pet Rescue Level 213 Walkthrough Video

Watch the following video to understand what we did and achieved a three stars score!


  1. Also, make sure to have the cage removed from the one between the right line booster and the solid box at an early stage. If this stays for too long, it’ll get behind the solid box in the last line and cannot be removed anymore.

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