Pet Rescue Saga Level 219

petrescuelevel219 Target:
Save 4 pets
Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 219 Strategy

To complete pet rescue level 219 without any boosters you have to follow our strategy and do our little secrets. Don’t release the pets when they are in their cages as you first move. If you do it, there is no occasion to complete the level. The cage at right has to pass the first row of locked blocks, so be careful not to clear a whole column. After that, play cleverly and try to use as less balloons as possible to release all the pets and the two keys. The balloons you’ll not use at this phase you’ll need them in the end of the level to help you rescuing the pets. Remember in the end of the level to use the upper bombs first and thereafter the lower. In this way you’ll destroy all the useless blocks and the boxes udner the pets.

Pet Rescue Level 219 Walkthrough Video

Still problems in completing the level? Watch the following vid.

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