Pet Rescue Saga Level 223

petrescuelevel223 Target:
Save 7 pets
Get 30.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 223 Tips

Clear as many blocks as you can in the first stage of the level, before use the key. The difficult point of this level is in the end of it. You have to maintain at least two paint brush boosters (one at the left and one at the right of the screen) in order to rescue the pets from the cages in the bottom of the screen. There you have to be very careful in your moves. One mistake may cost you the level’s completion. Use the paint brush boosters to make blocks above the pets in the same color with the cages. Rescue the pets from their cages, when they’ll not have any other different colored block above them. Use the rocket booster (you have earned previously in this level) in the first column to rescue the other three pets.

Pet Rescue Level 223 Walkthrough Video

Do you find pet rescue level 223 really tricky? Don’t bother any more! The following video will help to complete it without any boosters!

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