Pet Rescue Saga Level 226

petrescuelevel226 Target:
Save 5 pets in 55 moves
Get 13.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 226 Strategy

Don’t try to release the key at the left of the screen. You can complete the level without it. We think it’s easier. You have to use the paint brush boosters and the line blasters of the level to release the pets from their pet boxes in the bottom of the screen. With this way when a pet get released from its box and it’s rescued immediately. So your effort should be a same color block as the left pet box, each time, to reach beside it. Just a tip: Don’t release the pet as soon as a same color block reach beside its cage. Prepare you next moves for the next pet.

Notice: You are welcome to share your experience of this level, in order to help other Pet Rescuers to complete it!

Pet Rescue Level 226 Walkthrough Video

Stuck on pet rescue level 226? The following will show you the right way to beat it.


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