Pet Rescue Saga Level 230

petrescuelevel230 Target:
Save 6 pets
Get 35.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 230 Tips

Your first objective should be to gain a rocket booster clearing large cluster of blocks. Don’t use it since you have moves to do. When you’ll stay out of moves and that means that you’ll screen will be almost as the image aside use the rocket in the medium column. Here is your chance to get a three stars score creating and clearing a large cluster of same colored X2 blocks. Just another tip, it will be useful to you in the end of the level: Don’t clear the blocks that fall above the screen till the cluster they create is large enough to give you a rocket booster.

Pet Rescue Level 230 Walkthrough Video

The following video will show you how to complete pet rescue saga level 230, without using any payable boosters.

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