Pet Rescue Saga Level 234

petrescuelevel234 Target:
Clear 100% of the blocks
Get 40.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 234 Tips

Pet Rescue Level 234 is not such a tough level but if stuck our tips and the following video will help you.
To make things easier you have to clear all the metal boxes in the beginning of the level, using the bombs and the one line blaster. You have to move on to the level without any box. After that, things are quite simple. At the end of the level there are three paint brush boosters. Use them smartly to help you clear all the blocks. See how we got a three stars score.

Pet Rescue Level 234 Walkthrough Video

Here is the video:


  1. I have put several comments on here about level 2034 doesn’t seem like yall get them I want keep playing pet rescue but will not until you can make this level where it can be beaten I have tried everything to beat it but of no avaik if youu are not going to let us beat it that play it then move us on to the next level also I use all my boosters so I have none of those left will wait for a reply to help me beat level or I wont play until you do stupid stupid level

  2. cant get through level 2034 pls help as it is a really bad level to play I want to continue on with levels but cant because of this level otherwise I will not play again until it is fixed also pls put more weather alerts on pet rescue I really enjoy playing those will be waiting no way you can beat this level

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